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MUCH BELATED AVATAR FAN ART (nothing for Korra yet…)

Some of these may yet be coloured.

Avatar Kiyoshi and Roku, Katara and Sokka, Ozai and young Iroh, Kiyoshi splitting the earth, Pinces Yue

A Fool’s Life. Projection images and effects pieces. 2011.

These are some of the pieces I created for the theatrical production, A Fool’s Life, based on the life and stories of reowned modern Japanese writer Rynosuke Aktugawa, written and directed by Dan Watson and produced by the Ahuri Theatre Company.

The work I produced was under the direction of artist Sean Frey who specializes in projection work and effects for sets of theatrical and musical productions. Sean created a unique visual experience that truely brought the stage to life and greatly added to the show as a performance on its own. I was very thankful to have been able to work with Sean on this show and enjoyed creating these pieces and working on the stage construction.

Images in order as seen:

1920’s Beijing Street, black card cutout between sheets of acetate - projected background as part of the “Horse Legs” story component.

Menacing Owl, ink on acetate - projected effect of owl attack as part of a scene from the “Hell Screen” component.

Visions of the Buddhist Hell, ink and acrylic on acetate - projected effect as part of the dream sequence in the “Hell Screen” component.

Visions of the Buddhist Hell - detail.

Please check out Sean’s Blog for more details on the production and his work >

The Old Man of the Wood Has Lost His Horns - acrylic and ink on paper. 2013. Death of the Forest Series.

The Old Man of the Forest Swayes in the Wind - acrylic and ink on paper. 2013. Death of the Forest Series

The Spirits of the Forest Aimlessly Wander - acrylic and ink on paper. 2014. Death of the Forest Series

The Spirits of the Forest Gather Around - acrylic and ink on paper. 2014. Death of the Forest Series

Inspection. 2012. ink on paper.
Harvestor. Lino-cut print. Ink on paper.
Cyborg tree planter.
Which Perspective. 2011. Pencil on paper.
Based on the famous Vietnam war photo by Eddie Adams, 1968.
(oldie) Gears, Grubs and Grime. 2008. ink on paper

Friday Nights LIVE @ THE ROM

This passed Spring The Royal Ontario Museum put on a set of shows every Friday Highlighting different artist, events and performers whilst turing the entire museum into one big night club, with lots of food, music and dinosaurs. I happend to get a chance to work on the feature performance for their first event under the talented local artist Sean Frey  and the beautifully haunting band Tasseomancy.

I had the oppertunity to work on a show for Sean back in the fall of 2011 for Ahuri Theatre, doing set and prop design (alot of owls and powerlines) and Sean decided to bring me on for the ROM event, once again for some powerline cut outs. Sean is well known for his incrdible projection works and creative lighting used in installations and to add special effects to performance pieces.

(some of my powerlines and city-roof top projection cut outs in the front, Sean Frey working projector to the left)

The project was a lot of fun and the music was amazing. The entire theme revolved around nature vs the urban/man-made (theme I identify with myself) and acted as a combined musical performance piece/installation, cycling through 4 different songs by Tasseomancy as Sean and us fellow artists operated lighting to create shadow effects with paper cut-outs and projectors.

Click here for Sean’s original post on this show and to check out his blogspot.

Tyreal- Diablo 3 rough sketch